Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ramblings and mutters

Wow, my emotions have been all over the place since the miscarriage..yesterday i felt amazingly great..full of energy..today..i feel terrible..my entire back hurts and i have an awful headache..can't get in to see my chiropractor until monday! If i still hurt tommorow i might just see any of the chiropractors or even a massuse..ugh..

i have just bawled my eyes out after reading a blog where the blogger was complaining about having to go to a wedding on a  Friday and how inconciderate the wedding people were...my wedding was a Friday..not by choice..its all we could get..but i suddenly felt noone wanted to go to mine..which i know it totally irrational..esp as most of the blog was actually complaining about how expensive the registry items were..but i fixated on the friday bit..

One of my best friends is moving to another state..it will be a 2 day drive to go visit them...wahhh. They leave in November.

Last night I found out another friend is expecting..i feel bad as I congratulated her with a hug..but ignored the father completely..whoops....sadly their baby has been found to have heart conditions and will need surgery soon after birth. Her oldest boy had the same conditions and 4 days after he was born they found he had downs..so theres a possibility this one will have it too. Its a bit sad and scarey..I pray their baby will be ok.

I turn 40 in 12 days...where are my babies??? It seems so unfair that i get to 40 and no baby in sight. I wasted my 30's planning and waiting..I need to move on..but I don't know what to move on to..it seems pointless to train in a new career..there's no point in trying to be wealthy when theres noone to leave our stuff to..

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Kim said...

Honey I had a friday wedding too, it was because I wanted the date (8.8.8 ) Dont feel about it- the people who love you and could make it did and didnt care what day of the week it was. And the people who had a problem with it, didnt show up. The girl who complained (I read her blog too) clearly didnt care for the person getting married and if it was her BFF she would have felt differently. Your wedding day is about you, not your guests. of course you try to make it as accomodating for them as possible, but the bottom line is its your day.

I bet the emotions can be pretty crazy as your hormones adjust, Hell, I think we can be pretty crazy just for our regular monthly cycles! LOL

Hope your feeling better and get stuck on a high note. Sorry about your friend moving that stinks, I know. I hope your other friends baby is ok....how frightened she must be.