Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One check on my goal list! and other stories..

Yes..I have done it..i have learnt how to load new books onto my e reader! woo hoooo...i still haven't figured out how to send them from my computer..but i have a computer friend who will show me on Sunday..i can get online in the e reader though and load them from a website..so yay me!

Yesterday I bought some fabric to make a new handbag..ive never made one before, but have been thinking about it for ages..I am soo tired of bags i pay a lot of money for breaking at the handles or zippers..i just took one back last week that id only had 3 months..the zipper was coming off. grrr. Im also someone who likes to have things noone else has..I really hate it when i see other people wearing/carrying things i have. It takes the sparkle off it or something.

So this morning I was planning out a whole range of One of a Kind bags..thought up a name for my bag company. Im thinking I will have a website to sell them..i have no idea how to make one..but im sure i have enough friends who know how ..Oo im so excited about my new venture...all before ive even made my first one..lol. Stay tuned..i just have to remember to go pick up my sewing machine from mum's..ok..its her machine..but i steal it a lot..hee hee. (just googled the name..and naturally its taken..lol..back to the drawing board with that one)

Also yesterday, I jumped on the scales at the gym to see how i'm travelling..well..i joined the gym in July before my FET..in the months of August and Sept I was pregnant and didn't workout much..got back into it a couple of weeks ago and my new weight 3 months later?? exactly the same as my joining weight..lol..I had just drank a 600ml bottle of water during my workout..so i may have lost a little bit..i guess I could say I am back to my pre pregnancy weight. Lucky the weather is getting nicer, so I will be able to want to eat salads and lighter food.

Banana's have FINALLY arrived back in stores at a slightly more affordable price..back in February most of the banana crops in Australia were destroyed by floods..so what was left went stupid in price..before the floods they were around $2- $3 a kilo..but after the floods they went up to $19.95 a kilo..it worked out at about $5 per banana..naturally noone bought them and therefore they were not available for most of the year..they are back and priced at $7.95 a kilo..its still expensive..but i love them and have bought some..smoothies are not the same without a banana in em I say!

Ok, Im off to the gym..during my treadmill warm up I will try to think of a new name for my bag collections!

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Kim said...

Thats awesome kez! doesnt it feel good to do things you have been wanting to do forever?! I am very excited about your purse idea, I cant wait to see what name you come up with, I know it will be clever!