Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two week wait!!

I guess im officially in the 2WW. Had a FET this morning. Single embryo that looks very healthy and thawed beautifully according to the embryologist. The entire cycle is different to all the rest, so we are hoping it will be a winner!
  its our first frozen embryo, first natural cycle. I haven't had accupuncture leading up to it, nor do I have any booked in. We had to drive to the city, so it was a different hospital, different IVF doctor and nurse. We got our first photo of an embryo. I didn't get to have bed rest afterwards as we went to a shoppig center for lunch and needed to get a few things..i think the only thing the same as other cycles is that im taking a prenatal vitamin..though this one has iodine in it which previous ones didn't..fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What should have been...

 Today was the 2nd anniversary of our baby's due date. Right now, in a parallel universe we are celebrating our child's 2nd birthday. Was it a little girl? all pretty dresses, lots of dollys and playing house or did we have a little lad, already got his party outfit dirty by falling in the mud chasing after a frog. Happy birthday are missed xx

Friday, July 15, 2011

boo hisss

yeah, i was was AF trying to appear and a cold..she arrived yesterday we will be doing the blood tests etc and trying for a FET towards the end of the month. On the upside, the cold seems to be gone already!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OO I wanna test...

well here i am on cd 28..14DPO..i soo want to pee on a stick..I know its futile..I know my tubes are blocked..I know we only BD the once..though it was in the late afternoon of O day, which is unusual for us. BUT..I have had a sore throat for a few days, my nose is stuffy, i keep sneezing, but i don't feel like i have a cold. Im hot on my face, but cold in eyes feel strange..ive been nauseas most mornings and most evenings, I have zits appearing all over my face, sore boobies, bloated belly..gas..oh a lot of gas..I keep waking at 5am to pee..i have been having terribly vivid dreams..mostly of not sleeping, so i wake up feeling like i stayed awake all night..but i haven't..theyre all such great early preggo symptoms and a lot of them i had when i was preg...but i just can't believe id be one of those who suddenly gets a natural BFP after all the IVF's etc..surely its just AF in her early days combined with a cold that hasn't become fully blown yet..if af stays away, i will test friday which will be 16dpo..please God, let me be one of those!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

News on our FET.

I got the call noone wants to hear before a transfer. They have cancelled our cycle. My bloodwork shows that i have ovulated, but they couldn't say when. My RE thought it was tuesday or wednesday going by my levels. But we only got a surge with the OPK's starting on tuesday and was strongest on wednesday..I always thought the surge was well before you actually O'd..So next cycle i get to have a daily blood test starting on day 10..oh joy and happiness...not.

The nurse said they didn't want to waste our embryo by putting it in at the wrong time, so we wait again. I suppose its a good thing really as we have 2 weeks of school holidays, so I wouldn't have any rest time (I work at a cinema). It also gives me another month to get into better shape. Im just so over waiting..

Of course i am hoping we get a miracle natural pregnancy instead and can leave the FET for baby number 2 at the end of 2012!! I did feel queasy this morning..maybe God will smile on us afterall!