Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Ive been hearing good news all many long time infertility ladies are getting their BFP's..and a few sets of twins amongst them..woo hoo. Way to go ladies! May you all have happy healthy pregnancies!

On a sour note..OMG..yesterday I found my first grey hair!!!  yes yes, I am 40 and nearly everyone has them by now..but not me..i never had one..i tried pulling it out and the darn thing just curled up like a pube at the front of my head..arghh..had to cut it off..I guess Im officially old now..sigh..better order my walking frame and hearing aid.

Ive lost 2.4kgs in the first week of my diet. Pretty happy with that. I decided that for christmas day I am not on a  diet..i'll do what i like and then get back on plan tommorow.

Just got back from midnight mass..hubby is catholic, though we pretty much only ever go to midnight mass..i just do not understand catholicism..i cannot help but giggle at some of the weird things they do. Id love to learn why they do some of the things they do!

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas day!

Monday, December 19, 2011

BD fest..that didn't happen!

Wow.its been a while since I blogged..Im amazed I could remember my password!

I haven't really had much to blog about with this being an infertility blog. Still don't, but Im going to anyway!

DH and I went on holiday for a week to the beach..we had intentions of it being a BD-fest as it was about right we arrived on Tuesday night at about 7.30pm. Unpacked our stuff and decided we wanted fish & chips being by the went into town to find the one fish n chip shop 5pm. Not to worry, we knew there was another little town 5 mins drive away, so we went there..also closed at went to the next place 10 mins away..found a pizza/fish n chip place went in..sorry..they were not taking any new orders as they were we had chinese as it was the only place open..even the supermarket had already closed!!! So weird..we are used to places being open all hours I guess. So by the time we got back to our beach house we were exhausted by the day and just fell asleep. No BD

Wednesday we went hiking up a mountain as you do on a  relaxing holiday (thanks honey!!LOL) and went swimming in the sea, ate at an amazingly good restaurant and generally lazed about..and fell asleep early again. No BD

Thursday, got in a morning BD, played golf all day, went swimming in the sea again, fell asleep early.

 Friday went to a nearby island, played golf again (when I say played golf..i mean I had a go at a couple of Par 3's while DH did every hole on an 18 hole course..mostly I just walked with him) fell asleep early. No BD

Sat- friends who owned the beach house showed up so we were busy with them, went to bed late. No BD

Sun- went fishing, but I jammed my thumb in the car door and fainted twice from the agony of it..i have only just started to be able to use it 8 days later! DH got super bad sunburn while fishing (his feet swelled up like Hobbit feet and got huge blisters and he couldn't walk for 3 days) No BD

Monday came home..

So a full week and only one BD in all I wasnt temping or using OPK' I have no idea when O was..but I expect it would be too late for the one time to be of any use.

So as Im not going to be preggers this month I decided to finally start an actual diet. I have been putting it off and putting if off thinking I could just do it myself..but I stood on the scales and they have gone up instead of I knew it was time to just do it. So my starting weight was 79.4kgs. Im now on day 4 and today the scales said 76.5kgs this morning..almost 3kgs..about 7 pounds..half a stone! My goal has been set to be 70kgs by February..looks like I should be able to do it easily. yay.

 I am doing a frozen embryo transfer in Feb, so Im hoping weight loss will help that. When I got pregnant in August i felt so bloated and uncomfortable..I knew I needed to lose some before getting pregnant again. I wish Id have started right away. I could have done that 10kgs and a bit more by now..but I didn't and I have to just accept I didn't..but I can do it now! Wish me luck and will power!!