Monday, February 28, 2011

Second IVF cycle started!!

well, its sort of started..AF arrived yesterday and so today I began the pill! Step one is just so weird to be put on birth control..i feel like im wasting a cycle, even though I know i have blocked tubes and we have no chance of conceiving by ourselves..You read about people who have that sort of miracle and maybe it will be me! Hope never seems to leave me, which is a good thing. Id rather be hopeful and possibly delusional than unhopeful and depressed!
I rang the IVF nurse and I see her April 5th to pick up the meds..only a bit over 4 weeks.

In the mean time I will continue with my weight loss and healthy body plan. So far I have lost 3kgs and 18cms. Im happy with that, but I have found myself slipping this past few days.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

yay for a good day!

Today has been great..first I got up at 8.45am to get to my fitball class ( I had a dream i woke up at 11am and missed it and was so annoyed and then got a phonecall from someone who told me off for missing glad it was just a dream!) the sun shone while we worked out, not a cloud in the sky after 3 days of constant rain. It was perfect! We got an extra 10 minute workout as the trainer seems to have had too much on the list!

Then I got home and made pork dumplings for lunch..OMG they were awsome!! DH and I are both doing 18 points on weight watchers and I worked it out to 10 dumplings for 6 points..which was great..of course we could have eaten wayyy more than that!!

And after all the rain we have been having I actually got 3 loads of washing out on the line!! Its the little things that make a great day! hee heee

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So much for Privacy!!!

wow..I just got the invoice from my IVF clinic..and included with it was someone elses invoice!! I don't know the other girl, but shes from my area, so it would be easy to know much for privacy..its easy to see that whoever folded my invoice just got 2 pages together..but its so careless...i feel a bit cross about it. I can see all about her cycle, how many cycles she has done, what type of cycle she did and how much she had to pay for it, also where she lives, her patient number, which doctor referred her..if i was up to no good i could easily use that info. And of course now i really want to know if she was successful or not.. she just had her 6th cycle with a donor..i hope she suceeded!!

I also called my nurse, Louise, today to find out when i start the pill, but got a voice box..she should be calling back today. RE said I will be starting it with next AF..and she arrived yesterday. But it just seems so crazy to be on the pill until April..well i will wait to see what she says.
So I rang the accounts dept to tell them about getting the extra invoice and after pressing a million buttons got a voice box to record my message..grrr..i will wait til Louise calls me back later today to tell her and she can sort it out.

Got a call back from Louise. I start the pill in this month is no meds. She said I could go on it now if i wanted to..but why oh why would I want to?? I'd much prefer the chance to get a natural BFP..that would be amazing..but im not holding out any hopes for one!!

She also said I would be doing the nasal spray to shut down my hormones..eek..i don't like the idea of spraying things up my nose..but if I have to then I have to I suppose.

It feels good to have a plan of action!!