Friday, April 29, 2011 infertile....

I see by a lot of blogs that this week is Infertility week in USA..I just realised that Ive never really thought of myself as infertile..yes we have been trying to have a baby for years..and we are using infertility treatment..but I just think of it as some fertility issues. is my head in the right or wrong place..i don't feel like im in denial, ive just not labelled myself as infertile. Maybe its because we did get pregnant that one time..its weird to realise that I am in fact an infertile woman..crazy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ultrasound follie count results

I had my ultrasound today. We have doubled the dose of gonal F, so I would hope to have more eggs than last time. Our first cycle at this ultrasound the lining was 8.3, this one is 14.7!! So thats got to be good right?
 ok, last cycle I had 14 follies with 7 measurable over 10mm with the biggest at 16mm. So this cycle there's...9...with 7 get upset, but 2 of them at 18mm, 1 each at 17, 16, 14 and then 2 at no more, but they are bigger..and im hoping bigger means better!

I got the phonecall from a  nurse, not my nurse, but she was nice enough. I actually missed the call (why don't mobile phones ring for long enough..grr i always seem to just hear it and its over) so I rang back, got her message bank, left a message..tried to leave my phone number but i couldn't remember it..i tried 4 times before just saying that she has if i could see her face to face im sure mine would have been red..ha haa.

So the gist of it is that i have to stim for 2 more days and egg retrieval will be tuesday instead of monday..i took tuesday off work, but am on wed..might just change that!

Monday, April 25, 2011


So today Im on day 6 of stims..all my meds are on the bench along with my sharps container and my BFF shows up without calling first..thats ok, she knows im doing IVF. She is on her way home from a camping trip with her family. So she comes in and I make her a cup of coffee right next to all my meds and she proceeds to go on and on and on about her camping trip and who did what blah blah blah.

Do you think she asked how I was doing? nope.. she would have seen the meds, she knows we are injecting..buts all about her. I feel a bit sad she never acknowleges anything to do with IVF..when i have bought it up shes all fake smiles and changes the topic back to herself as fast as she can.

Ive known her since we were 10..but Im not feeling the love these days..I don't imagine we will ever not be friends, but I just feel like shes never interested in anything I have to say. I phoned her a while back and pretty much never got a word in..she never even asked why I was calling (We don't use the phone much these days, facebook chat is cheaper and easier!!)

Id like to tell her shes being self absorbed..but should a friend have to do that?? If we are friends, shouldn't she be interested in whats happening in my life?? Maybe its just hormones, but its really bugging me today. Do you guys think im being self absorbed for thinking shes not interested in my life?

Friday, April 22, 2011


well I pretty much locked myself out of my own blog..forgot my password, got a new one and then it was telling me i had to change something to do with cookies..I just gave up and hoped that message would go away..and it did!!  So Im back!

I am on day 4 of stimming, only 7 more to go. I get a blood test in 6 days and an ultrasound in 7..Hopefully my follies will be big enough to stop stims and trigger and egg pick up on Monday 2nd. I really hope theres a bunch of great follies full of super eggs this time!

DH and I celebrated our first anniversary last week. We had a bbq with 16 friends and was a really good night. I told a couple of friends we were doing IVF and they were really supportive and interested in how, when and Im really excited to tell them we are pregnant in a couple of weeks!. Some days i feel so sure this will work, other days I feel resigned to it being DH and I with no kids ever..