Thursday, April 28, 2011

ultrasound follie count results

I had my ultrasound today. We have doubled the dose of gonal F, so I would hope to have more eggs than last time. Our first cycle at this ultrasound the lining was 8.3, this one is 14.7!! So thats got to be good right?
 ok, last cycle I had 14 follies with 7 measurable over 10mm with the biggest at 16mm. So this cycle there's...9...with 7 get upset, but 2 of them at 18mm, 1 each at 17, 16, 14 and then 2 at no more, but they are bigger..and im hoping bigger means better!

I got the phonecall from a  nurse, not my nurse, but she was nice enough. I actually missed the call (why don't mobile phones ring for long enough..grr i always seem to just hear it and its over) so I rang back, got her message bank, left a message..tried to leave my phone number but i couldn't remember it..i tried 4 times before just saying that she has if i could see her face to face im sure mine would have been red..ha haa.

So the gist of it is that i have to stim for 2 more days and egg retrieval will be tuesday instead of monday..i took tuesday off work, but am on wed..might just change that!


LisaB said...

WOW awesome lining! And I think your eggies sound fabulous, too. I bet they'll end up with a few more than expected by the time you get there. Good luck! Rooting for you!!!

Kim said...

Awesome report Kez!!! yay for big juicy eggs! So excited for you! xoxoxoxox

Babette said...

Kez!! Your lining is beautiful! You've got a nice cushy place ready to receive your embies! Usually the follies over 18 at the time of egg retrieval are big enough to contain a mature egg. But you also have to remember that after the trigger the follies continue to grow 2mm a day so the others may catch up. One thing I learned this cycle is stimming for a few more days can bring you more mature follies. On day nine of stims my right ovary (the sluggish one) had only 3 big follies. After and extra day of stims, I ended up with 7 big ones on that ovary. I never thought they could grow that quickly. You got two more days of stims. You are probably going to get more by the time of retrieval.

Kez71 said...

thanks for the support ladies! xxx