Friday, July 27, 2012


woo hoo, i tested again today and while its still a faint line, its certainly darker than yesterday! I told hubby who simply grinned. We know its super early, we know anything could happen, but its so good to have got to Step 2.

Step 1- Have IVF
Step 2 Get pregnant
Step 3 grow baby to full term
Step 4 give birth to live healthy baby
Step 5 grow baby into child
Step 6 Grow child to Adult

DH told me he saw my mum down the street and he told her we got a light She will be excited!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I may have a BFP!

I'm 10dpo or 5dp5dt in IVF I decided to pee on a stick and got a faint second line. Its possible its the trigger..its possible its an evap, but it gives me hope. Ive been feeling a bit queasy and had some sharp poke type pains in my belly. Please God, let this be our time!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


 We transfered one perfect blastocycst and froze one. 2 others are being watched, but hes not confident they will be good enough to freeze. RE said the 2 blasts are the best quality we've had so far, so fingers crossed! He agreed with us going for one only. He said hes had people transfer 2 of this quality and end up with triplets. I honestly wouldn't mind twins, but the risks for their health and our safety and finances make us prefer one baby at a time.

So I am now Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. I have already had a nap, which i never do. I woke up roasting hot, i took my temp and it was 37.07, which is a bit hot. My normal post O temp has reached 37.05 before, but its usually high 36's. Im sure it will be fine, but theres a tiny bit of a worrywart in me that worries I cooked the embryo..arghh. I'm going to go look at fertility friend charts and see how high people's temps have gotten! edited, its fine..saw some charts with 37.9. worrying has ceased.

 I had accupuncture before (accupuncturist forgot to tell his wife he had an 8am client, so she decided to be nice and let him sleep in and so he was still in bed when we got and after.I bought some walnuts and I'm laying down. Thats all im doing. whatever will be will be!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Eggs and Embryos, Oh My!

I had egg pick up yesterday. 8 eggs! One more than both other cycles so thats very exciting. I hoped and prayed that at least 6 of them would fertilize and I got my wish. 6 embryos growing in a petrie dish. I will be having a 5 day transfer on Saturday. Just have to decide if we will go with a single or a double transfer. My doc has always said only one, two doesn't give you any more chances. twins have complications..but now he says oh lets try 2..but we have the fear of two now..we have a few days to decide~!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

scan details

Had my follicle count scan yesterday. This is really just for myself to remember incase I lose the bit of paper with it on.
 Uterus is anteverted, endometium is proliferate and 13.6mm thick
Left ovary has 6 follicles, 18, 20 , 14, 15, 12 and too small to bother with
Right ovary has 4 follicles, 16,11,22 and too small. technician said there were lots of other tiny ones.

So by that I should get 8 eggs at retrieval on Monday morning at 10am..have to be at the hospital at 8.30am, I moaned about it being so early, but my lovely nurse said that she put me last and thats actually the nice that she knows I don't do mornings heehee. I just had my ovi drel trigger shot. Did it myself as DH is at work. Iced it up and it was easy. I took advice and injected slowly and it barely stung at all..I will definately try that when it comes to using the clexane.

Had a cuddle of a beautful 3 week old baby boy today. Im hoping i rubbed enough baby dust onto myself..hee hee

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Hubby loves me

My hubby does my injections. I don't like the idea of putting a needle in myself..I can't even look when he does it and much prefer to close my eyes. I have done them myself in the past, but i don't like it and it usually takes a while to get the courage to actually stab myself. So last night I was dreading having to do it myself at work. But my lovely hubby left his poker game to come into work just to inject me..nawwww.. He loves me and I loves him

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

IVF cycle #3

Started stims today. Even though Ive had the pill and synarel over the last month  I don't really feel like Ive started IVF until the stims. First stim went well. Ive felt some weirdness in the side we injected (DH does the actual injection, but I wipe it with I can say  im imagining its doing its thing in there. I would love to get more than 7 eggs this time (both other cycles got 7), but reality says Im a year older than I was last time, so it will in all likelyhood be less. I can hope though, you never know.

I had planned on losing a bunch of weight before this IVF..I did lose a little. went from 79kgs to 76kgs, which is the weight I was the first time we did IVF. Id still like to drop a few more, but I just seem to be too lazy. The weather has been pretty hideous lately, but today the sun is shining..perhaps I will take a walk after I eat my lunch. You have to start sometime with new habits right?? Why is it that eating fruit & veg and doing lots of exercise sounds great in your head, but reality has you sitting on the couch eating a chocolate cookie..i need to pull out m finger and make my reality the same as my head

├Łesterday I had a call from my naturopath just to see how I was going. Today my accupuncturist called to see how I was going. Thats so nice. You don't get that from medical doctors.