Saturday, July 14, 2012

scan details

Had my follicle count scan yesterday. This is really just for myself to remember incase I lose the bit of paper with it on.
 Uterus is anteverted, endometium is proliferate and 13.6mm thick
Left ovary has 6 follicles, 18, 20 , 14, 15, 12 and too small to bother with
Right ovary has 4 follicles, 16,11,22 and too small. technician said there were lots of other tiny ones.

So by that I should get 8 eggs at retrieval on Monday morning at 10am..have to be at the hospital at 8.30am, I moaned about it being so early, but my lovely nurse said that she put me last and thats actually the nice that she knows I don't do mornings heehee. I just had my ovi drel trigger shot. Did it myself as DH is at work. Iced it up and it was easy. I took advice and injected slowly and it barely stung at all..I will definately try that when it comes to using the clexane.

Had a cuddle of a beautful 3 week old baby boy today. Im hoping i rubbed enough baby dust onto myself..hee hee

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