Tuesday, July 3, 2012

IVF cycle #3

Started stims today. Even though Ive had the pill and synarel over the last month  I don't really feel like Ive started IVF until the stims. First stim went well. Ive felt some weirdness in the side we injected (DH does the actual injection, but I wipe it with alcohol..so I can say WE..lol)  im imagining its doing its thing in there. I would love to get more than 7 eggs this time (both other cycles got 7), but reality says Im a year older than I was last time, so it will in all likelyhood be less. I can hope though, you never know.

I had planned on losing a bunch of weight before this IVF..I did lose a little. went from 79kgs to 76kgs, which is the weight I was the first time we did IVF. Id still like to drop a few more, but I just seem to be too lazy. The weather has been pretty hideous lately, but today the sun is shining..perhaps I will take a walk after I eat my lunch. You have to start sometime with new habits right?? Why is it that eating fruit & veg and doing lots of exercise sounds great in your head, but reality has you sitting on the couch eating a chocolate cookie..i need to pull out m finger and make my reality the same as my head

├Łesterday I had a call from my naturopath just to see how I was going. Today my accupuncturist called to see how I was going. Thats so nice. You don't get that from medical doctors.

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