Monday, July 16, 2012

Eggs and Embryos, Oh My!

I had egg pick up yesterday. 8 eggs! One more than both other cycles so thats very exciting. I hoped and prayed that at least 6 of them would fertilize and I got my wish. 6 embryos growing in a petrie dish. I will be having a 5 day transfer on Saturday. Just have to decide if we will go with a single or a double transfer. My doc has always said only one, two doesn't give you any more chances. twins have complications..but now he says oh lets try 2..but we have the fear of two now..we have a few days to decide~!

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Kim said...

Such great news, so excited for you!!!! I say go for 2, but Im crazy like that! I have such a good feeling, praying this si your cycle girl! xoxoxoxox This is OUR year!