Saturday, July 21, 2012


 We transfered one perfect blastocycst and froze one. 2 others are being watched, but hes not confident they will be good enough to freeze. RE said the 2 blasts are the best quality we've had so far, so fingers crossed! He agreed with us going for one only. He said hes had people transfer 2 of this quality and end up with triplets. I honestly wouldn't mind twins, but the risks for their health and our safety and finances make us prefer one baby at a time.

So I am now Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. I have already had a nap, which i never do. I woke up roasting hot, i took my temp and it was 37.07, which is a bit hot. My normal post O temp has reached 37.05 before, but its usually high 36's. Im sure it will be fine, but theres a tiny bit of a worrywart in me that worries I cooked the embryo..arghh. I'm going to go look at fertility friend charts and see how high people's temps have gotten! edited, its fine..saw some charts with 37.9. worrying has ceased.

 I had accupuncture before (accupuncturist forgot to tell his wife he had an 8am client, so she decided to be nice and let him sleep in and so he was still in bed when we got and after.I bought some walnuts and I'm laying down. Thats all im doing. whatever will be will be!

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