Sunday, February 6, 2011

yay for a good day!

Today has been great..first I got up at 8.45am to get to my fitball class ( I had a dream i woke up at 11am and missed it and was so annoyed and then got a phonecall from someone who told me off for missing glad it was just a dream!) the sun shone while we worked out, not a cloud in the sky after 3 days of constant rain. It was perfect! We got an extra 10 minute workout as the trainer seems to have had too much on the list!

Then I got home and made pork dumplings for lunch..OMG they were awsome!! DH and I are both doing 18 points on weight watchers and I worked it out to 10 dumplings for 6 points..which was great..of course we could have eaten wayyy more than that!!

And after all the rain we have been having I actually got 3 loads of washing out on the line!! Its the little things that make a great day! hee heee

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LisaB said...

Good for you! I love days like that!