Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Ive been hearing good news all many long time infertility ladies are getting their BFP's..and a few sets of twins amongst them..woo hoo. Way to go ladies! May you all have happy healthy pregnancies!

On a sour note..OMG..yesterday I found my first grey hair!!!  yes yes, I am 40 and nearly everyone has them by now..but not me..i never had one..i tried pulling it out and the darn thing just curled up like a pube at the front of my head..arghh..had to cut it off..I guess Im officially old now..sigh..better order my walking frame and hearing aid.

Ive lost 2.4kgs in the first week of my diet. Pretty happy with that. I decided that for christmas day I am not on a  diet..i'll do what i like and then get back on plan tommorow.

Just got back from midnight mass..hubby is catholic, though we pretty much only ever go to midnight mass..i just do not understand catholicism..i cannot help but giggle at some of the weird things they do. Id love to learn why they do some of the things they do!

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas day!


Babette said...

1 grey hair! lol! I get a new batch every new ART cycle. lol! It's too hard to hide it with my dark hair. I have to use mascara!Hey Midnight Mass is awesome. I missed it this year.

Kim said...

Wow you are so lucky to get your first! I have been coloring my hair for 10 years now!!!! I'm like Babatte, I get them by the batch!

I was raised Catholic so I understand the oddness of the services to the outside world !