Sunday, January 8, 2012

January already!!

Wowsers..its almost the middle of Jan already..which means only a month til the FET. I just messaged the nurse as I can't remember when i supposed to contact her for the blood tests. I thought about trying natural this month..but i think id prefer to concentrate on the weight loss and not worry about a growing baby yet.

 I'm on week 4 now of weight loss,..the first week i lost 2.4kgs, the second week nothing (christmas was in that fair enough) the third week I lost ive lost 3 kgs in 3 weeks.

Im undecided if I should do accupuncture for the FET. Last time i didn't do it and I got pregnant..but i had been doing it for a year up to that point..I haven't had accupuncture since about June last year..decisions decisions.


Kim said...

I was wondering if I would start accupuncture up again for our IVF cycle. How long do they recommend you do it for leading up the cycle?

Happy new year my friend, this is going to be a year filled with pregnancies and babies, for all of us!

Babette said...

My comment just got lost!
Trying again.
I have always been on the fence when it came to acupuncture but I just jumped right into it for this FET. It was kinda hard because I found myself thinking it was hogwash. I used the time I was on the table and unable to move to visualize and center my mind. Told myself if the acup isn't working at least it forced me to be still and do some healthy mind work. Not sure the acup worked or if I finally overcame so mental obstacles. I got something from it. I didn't start the acu until AF came and up to a day before my transfer.

Kez71 said...

Thanks Ladies
I think i will have one or accu sessions..i just don't really like how it feels..some of the needles hurt..wahh.