Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Got the paperwork

ok, paperwork for the FET cycle showed up today (Tuesday). It says it must be back a minimum of one week before blood tests commence..but blood tests are starting this Saturday..so thats not going to happen. Mind you, last FET the paperwork went missing until a week after the transfer..so I guess theyre not sticklers for it!

 So Saturday is day 9 of my cycle..i usually O around day 13 or 14..but last cycle it was day 17!! I told my nurse, she says it happens sometimes, especially after all the hormones etc..but shes hopeful it was just a one time thing, she did include one extra blood test request form...so there's 4 of them..I get tested day 9, then day 11..then they decide the rest. If I do O late again, I wonder what they do as Id expect they will test day 13 and 15..i guess I just have to trust they know what theyre doing! I do know my RE will be in my town that week..so maybe if they need an extra one he will do it here for me. (I live 2 hours away from the clinic and they have a satelite clinic in my town every 2 months so we don't have to drive in. All paperwork is posted..but for our natural FET, we will have to drive to the city for the transfer. I hope thats makes sense)

 As for my weight loss I have lost 4.5kilos (about 10 pounds), so Im about halfway to my goal. So far its been good..The diet Im following is pretty much low GI with no starchy carbs. I have missed the  convenience of them (toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, potato or pasta in some form for dinner) but not missed it as much as I thought I would. I guess seeing the scales go down has helped! The diet plan allows me to have an indulgence meal once a week, so today I decided to have chicken soup with toast..it was nice..but hours later and OMG!! I am bloated like i have lost no weight at all and gassy..you know those horrible ones that you gag at yourself?? yeah, we know theyre bad when you can't stand them either. Well I have been knocking myself out with the stench all evening. Makes me wonder if I have a gluten problem. It totally makes me want to stick with no bread for a while! I am still hoping to be down about 9 kilos by the end of February.
 I know youre not supposed to diet when youre pregnant..but surely eating this way with lots of vegies, healthy fats and protein and not a lot of sugar and no startchy carbs can't be bad. I will certainly ask when i go in for my transfer! I can't believe its almost time. I can just feel that it will work and we will have a baby by the end of the year. I can't wait to be pregnant again!

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