Monday, February 13, 2012


Hmm, im not 100% sure if my title is embryos were 3 day embies, but they transferred them 2 days past O instead of 3..and then the emby went from 7 cell down to 4 cell after its like its back to 2 don't know..its 3 days after transfer

The doctor who put the  emby in is the same one who did the transfer last time. My doctor was away, so i got the on call guy. Hes a nice enough bloke, but OMG, he clearly has no idea about how to be gentle with that speculum thing..just shoved it right in..owchy.  so he's being rough like that, the nurse is pressing down on my full bladder to see with the ultrasound..wasn't at all plesant for a good 10 minutes there..ugh..but we could see the embryo go in this time..most other transfers theyve said there it is..and we can't see what theyre on about..but this time it was super clear. A little white blob. Then it was up and at em..for the 2 hour drive home. I like to think that the vibration of the car will shake the emby into regenerating itself and start to sink into my lining. It ended up taking us 5 hours to get home as we stopped for lunch at my brother's place, stopped for some art supplies, stopped to buy DH some bike pants and stopped to visit a friend who just moved house. then once home i lazed about the rest of the day.

mostly ive been lazing about, but have got up to cook and to vaccum the im doing half bedrest and half carry on as normal. Im not doing any exercise other than walking for the 2ww, so zumba is out and the gym..i will go back after i know the results..from research ive done, you can carry on with zumba when pregnant, but modify your steps and don't get exhausted..i can do that!

3 day past transfer symptoms: none really. i had a bit of pink/tan cm this morning, but after the doctors rough handling, i did spot for 24 hours, so it could just be a bit of leftover prefer it to be implant spotting, but its probably too early for that. Ive felt little twinges in my belly, yesterday they were up near my belly button, which is too high to be anything i guess..but it was im including it. Also this morning was mild nausea and mildly sore nipples..but again, too early to be anything relating to a baby yet. Probably just progesterone symptoms. <a href="">My Ovulation Chart</a> My chart temps have gone up in a steady rise, which is nice, but again..too early to mean in symptoms yet.

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