Sunday, February 19, 2012

9dpt..I tested

9 days past transfer..11dpo..i gave in and tested. The test i used is an IC and its expiration date is feb 1st. I used SMU with only a 2 hour hold...theres a super faint pink line on it..i could see it within the 5 minute timeframe. OMG..even though Ive felt i was preggers with the high temps..its soo amazing to see it confirmed..i have evap doubts..and the test was just past its expiration..but ive used about 40 tests from this batch and never had an think im up the duff!!

i have one more IC left and 2 frers..i'll use the other IC later today and then the frer on tuesday and wed..then blood test on Friday!!

actually..i realised i had a 4 hour hold and just took the other IC..the line is darker and easy to see!! BFP!!!!


Jamie said...

Yay!! Congrats!!!!!!!!

Babette said...

yippee! congrats!!!So happy for you!!!!