Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two week wait!!

I guess im officially in the 2WW. Had a FET this morning. Single embryo that looks very healthy and thawed beautifully according to the embryologist. The entire cycle is different to all the rest, so we are hoping it will be a winner!
  its our first frozen embryo, first natural cycle. I haven't had accupuncture leading up to it, nor do I have any booked in. We had to drive to the city, so it was a different hospital, different IVF doctor and nurse. We got our first photo of an embryo. I didn't get to have bed rest afterwards as we went to a shoppig center for lunch and needed to get a few things..i think the only thing the same as other cycles is that im taking a prenatal vitamin..though this one has iodine in it which previous ones didn't..fingers crossed!!


Babette said...

YaH!!!! Now you take it easy Lady!!! Give that little one a chance to get confortable.

Bear said...

Crossing my fingers and hoping in two weeks you get your BFP!!!

I am OK said...

Good luck. I think I was aright behind you last time around too, we have FET on the 10th with one frozen one. These little ones have to stick.