Sunday, October 23, 2011

OMG!! I am 40!

I am happy to hear that 40 is no longer over the hill..we are all supposed to live til at least 100 these days (unless hit by a bus or suchlike) so we have to wait til 50 now to be over it and on the downward slide..yay..I also heard that 40 is the new thats great news (even though i think it was me that said
so looking back at my 30's..I did a lot of waiting..I waited for DH to propose (he did), waited to get married (we did) waited to get pregnant (I did twice!) but then we lost im thinking our baby cannot be too far away. God has sent me many messages lately of hope and patience..also messages to get on with living and stop waiting around. So I am doing so. This weekend I have lived it up..saturday we went to a wedding..usually as I would be waiting for a bfp..i would not drink much alchomahol, but this time..i drank champagne all night and enjoyed dancing slightly like a maniac (normally wouldn't want to get overheated or too jiggly incase there was a bean in there)
 Sunday we went to the races..i didn't drink champagne there as I had to drive us home and there is ALWAYS a booze bus on the way out (and yes, someone a couple of cars in front of us got caught..what an idiot!) but we had a great day..backed a few winners (and a few losers), gasped along with everyone else as a horse escaped and ran the race by itself, even speeding up at the end before almost jumping the fence..admired beautiful outfits..shuddered at some others..chatted to friends we met..lined up to use the loo..checked out the horses in the parade before the was a great day out!

So now Im 40 what are my goals..well I will lose some of the extra weight I accumulated during my 30's. Id like to get down to 67 kgs for a start (currently 77kgs)
I will finish the writing course I started in 1991..they should never tell people they have as long as they like to do the course!
I will learn how to use my new e reader
i will tidy up and sort out my craft room
i will be creative

i think thats it for today..40 and fabulous..thats my main goal!


unaffected said...

Happy birthday! Your goals are great!! :)

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday! You have an awesome attitude!