Sunday, January 9, 2011

wooo first post- the story up to now.

well ive been reading over lots of different blogs and decided i may as well start my own to have a record of this tediously long journey. My name is Kez and i am 39. DH and I have been trying to create our first bundle of joy for about 5 years. I went off the pill around 28 as i didn't like the idea of putting chemicals in my body and we used other birth control methods. We started not preventing, not trying when i was about 33. As i approached 35 we decided to start trying.I read up on everything I could find about making babies. Turns out that a lot of the early tries were missing my ovulation..whoops. Everything you read says you ovulate 14 days before your period.I have a regular 28/29 day cycle so according to this info i would O on day 14..but once i stated to take my temperature every morning, i found I O'd between day 11 and day 13 most cycles. So after we started timing it it still seemed to take forever. I decided to start investigations after a year and a half. This brings us to Nov 08. I tried a doctor that specializes in fertility. I had the initial consultation and he ordered some hormone tests..before i got the results we finally got our BFP!

However a couple of days later I started spotting. The specialist doc is only in my town one day a month, so i went to the GP who said it sounds like a miscarriage and there was nothing that could be done. He ordered a blood test and told me to go home and rest and to come back in a couple of days. I went back and the blood test showed my Beta was 50 and progesterone was low (I can't recall the number any more, but it was single figures) The doctor said he would expect the beta to be a lot higher and that i would likley miscarry. He wanted me to have an ultrasound to make sure it wasn't ectopic. I was also leaving for a trip to UK to visit DH's family for christmas in 2 timing was terrible. I couldn't get the ultrasound until 2 days before we left. It showed that the baby was gone. which was good because if it was lingering i would have had to have a D&C which would mean i couldn't go on our trip. It was a sad time, but i couldn't be overly heartbroken. I had prayed to God to let me be pregnant even if i couldn't keep it. Just to know that I could get pregnant. So I had that answer!

After we got back, I went back to the fertility specialist who told me my progesterone levels were extremly low. I told him about the miscarriage and he said the low progesterone could easily have been the reason and was a bit surprised the GP had not prescribed progesterone in the slim hope it might have saved the baby. He prescribed a cream to help future hopeful pregnancies. But it was very expensive and difficult to get. I don't know why he made it so difficult, but it was a special order only from a certain chemist. so after 5 months of using it, i gave up and decided if i got pregnant again id just get some from the GP.

Then in May 2010 after almost 2 years of no luck I decided to start investigations again into why its not happening. Went to a different GP who ordered tests. Everything looked fine hormone-wise. So she reffered me to a gyno. The gyno did a few other tests and got DH's sperm analysis ordered. All showed fine, though DH's motility was low. She put him on menevit. She decided due to my age she would proceed to a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy under anasthetic immediately. So the results of that were that both fallopian tubes were blocked. She failed to flush them open. So we were referred to IVF as our only hope. I did ask how they were blocked, she thought it could be scarring from a PID that i never knew i had. She said perhaps they weren't quite closed back in 08 when an egg made it through..and she said its always possible that they could clear themselves as she didn't know what the blockage was!

So we had our first antagonist IVF in Dec 10. It wasn't so bad. most of the injections i didn't feel..a few hurt, but not much. Out of 16 injections we only had 2 bruises. We got 7 eggs, 4 fertilized. One 5 day blast transferred, no frozens. On the day we were due for our beta, the clinic was closed for chrismas. So i did a pee stick and got a faint faint line. i tried again in the evening, still really faint. DH couldn't see it at all. I tried again the next morning..barely there. Id been using this batch of sticks long enough to know they don't do evaps. so i left it a couple of days, tried again..stark white..again, stark white. so my guess is that the little bean did implant, but couldn't hold on. By the time we got the beta almost 2 weeks later there was no trace of anything.

So today i made my appointment to see the RE. I can't get to see him til Jan any thought of trying again for Feb go out the window. I thought march, but its more likely to be April. It gives me 4 months to get these eggs into the best shape possible. Im already taking royal jelly and want to get Coq10 and spirulina as ive read they are great for improving egg quality. I also aim to lose weight and get back down to size 14. My original aim was to drop 10kgs, but i think i will go by size instead.
Interestingly i just got a wrong number call and it was a lady who i used to workout with.  I guess she has my number on her phone still..She recognised my voice and we had a chat..well she now runs fitness classes, so im going to go along next monday..chance that she rang? nahh..i think its a gentle nudge from our Lord who knows how lazy I am! done for my first blog post..i think this is going to be fun!!


Kim said...

Hi kez! I am so happy you decidied to blog...I knwo your going to love it! We certainly do have much in common....I am really hoping this is going to be our lucky year! Looking forward to continuing to follow your journey my friend. xoxoxox

Kez71 said...

Thanks Kim
I think 2011 must be our lucky year for sure!!