Friday, January 28, 2011

Next cycle is MAY!!!!!

 I had a 5 minute $100 consultation with my RE yesterday. I checked the time before i went in 4.25pm and then when i left, 4.30pm..i found it frustrating as i had waited 35 minutes..and all that time he was with one couple..then it gets to me and im in and out in 5 mins again ( the 2 other times we met with him for the first cycle they were just as fast!!)..grrr. I assume he was just trying to catch up..however, i did get my questions i guess i can't really

I felt bad for another couple who came in to the waiting area while i was waiting. The IVF consultant is in the gynocolgy dept at that hospital (not my own hospital) and a heavily pregnant lady came staggering in and saw them. They obviously knew each other saying hello etc..then preggo says to them "Oh congratulations when are you due?" which they shake their heads..preggo looked completely dumfounded as to why they were sitting in the gyno area. She eventually sat down and got called in before i got to go in myself. I wanted to say something to the couple..but I didn't know what to say, so i said nothing..I always worried about meeting preggo friends when i was getting my ultrasounds, but thankfully i never have.

  Anywho, the RE approved of all my supplements. He didn't say that they would make a difference, but they won't hurt and to go ahead and take them. He wants us to get more eggs next cycle and wants to get some frozen we are on the same page there.
So Im having a long down regulation cycle next time. and doubling the dose of gonal f and having 225 in the morning and again at night..sounds im on the next clinic in my town..and its the first week of MAY!!!!!!!! OMG..thats ages off..and he said with the long down reg i will likley be on the pill next period..but that should be here I wouldn't think id be on the pill almost 3 months surely??? I have to ring the nurse next week to find out when i start..but on the upside..that gives me a lot more time to get rid of some going to start using weight watchers..i won't rejoin, i'll just use the old books i already have from last time!  I hate the fact we have to wait so long, but i like that I can get my weight down and hopefully have better sucess!!

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