Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Operation Good Egg

I found all the supplements I wanted..yay. After i got them i started to worry about all the combinations and potential side am going to go slow with them.Looking online it seems that none have side effects, but every now and then you find a site that says I took one tablet of each yesterday morning and found my throat was a bit clogged today i skipped them all..still perhaps its not them afterall..Its difficult to know what dose I should have. I'm thinking to just stick with one pill for now.
so each morning i will be having
1x Elevit prenatal
2x Fish Oil
2x Royal Jelly
1x Maca
1x Spirulina
1x Coq10
  seems like a lot, but if it helps me get super eggs I don't care!! Plus most of them help with cholesterol which I have in is slowly coming down..started at 7.9, last check was 7.3 and i just had another test and find out the results of that next week. I really don't want to take statin i hope its still coming down!
Lastly today, if you are the praying sort, please say a prayer for the people in South Queensland and Northern New South Wales as they battle though the worst floods they've ever had. The floods cover an area as big as Victoria, (bigger that France and Germany other words its a lot of water)


Dbauler said...

Sounds like a good plan lady! Plus it helps with you cholesterol. Not too familiar with the spirulins though. Saw the floods on BBC American. Keeping them in my prayers.

Kez71 said...

Thanks Doris!! Hope you and your bean are relaxxxinggg and doing nothing stressful at allll.

Kim said...

My Acupuncturist had me taking the spirulini, I dont know that I noticed much of a difference, but I dont know that I would have known without monitored cycles. Keep up the good work! Oh i am going to take DHEA, are you?

The floods are terrible, praying for everyone.

Kez71 said...

Kim, i just saw my accupuncturist today. he wasn't overly keen on me taking spirulina because its a cold food and he prefers me to have warm foods..but he said to keep taking it, but to have it with toast or he did say its very healthy though.
DHEA is a banned substance in no..i won't be taking it!!