Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fitball class

well i did it..i got up early and got to my first 9.15am fitball class with step into was outdoors!!
 I set my alarm for 8.30am and went to bed the night before at just a little after midnight, so early for me (night owl, usually up til 1.30am at least!) However, DH decided that was the night for watching a dvd in bed (we rarely ever do that)..he did turn the sound down, but him being deaf in one ear means that his low sound and my low sound are totally different!! I nearly got to sleep a couple of times, but always something loud would happen to wake me up. It finally finished at 1.45am and do you think i could sleep then?? nooooo, of course not. I must have dropped off somewhere around 2.30am..and then..i was awake again at 7am..arghhh..i got up at 7.30 as trying any longer was futile. The cats were sure surprised to see me at that time of day when i let them outside..ok, let one out and forced the other one She wishes she was an indoor cat.

Got down to the park and met the other ladies..i remember there was a Lyn, Robyn, Jacki and Rachel..i don't remember the other 2....i think all but Rachel were well older than myself. In a way thats good because it means they aren't all competitive or snobby. In another way it might mean i don't get to work out as hard..its fine for now when im just starting..I guess i will just wait and see! It was windy this morning, so we had to hold the fitballs the entire time otherwise theyd be blowing away. I really enjoyed it..the only downside for me is the hideously early start (yes..9.15am is hideously early)..can i happily continue getting up early..i suppose i can only try it for a while and see how it goes. I need to be in better shape before our next IVF attempt and i just don't exercise much on my classes are better for me.

I also had a doctor appointment today to discuss my latest cholesterol was unchanged, though triglicerides had gone up. She wants to put me on statin drugs which i really don't want to do. I asked her if it will interfere with the IVF drugs or being pregnant and she looked it up. The statins are a class C drug and you can only use class A while pregnant (or that could be the other way around...) so i can't take them yet (yay!) am going to double the dose of fish oil and try extra hard to get it down naturally. She also wants me to check with RE about the supplements im taking, especially the coQ10. I see him in 10 days.

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Kim said...

Good for you for hitting up class even after a poor nights sleep! I prefer classes as well, although I will work out on my pwn, I prefer the classes.

There's a bunch of foods that are supposed to drive down cholesterol naturally, I bet with exercise and good diet you will be able to control it on your own.