Thursday, June 30, 2011


 For finding out when i ovulate, my nurse told me to use clearblue digital opk (Im thinking maybe she has shares?? why go for the most expensive..$55 for 7 tests..oy) and first thing in the morning..but my surge is always in the late afternoon..but she still wanted me to do I tested morning, noon and evening with cheapies and then on day 13 when i started getting dark lines, I used the clearblue, and it was negative..On day 14 on the cheapies i got a definate couldn't detect my surge at all! So I rang in with the cheapie positive and got a blood test. She said it was inconclusive and so I had to do a second blood test today..I hope this one shows that Ive O'd. Its good to go drug free for this cycle, but its a bit stressful trying to find out the ovulation..fingers crossed it shows today and we can transfer on Monday!

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Lindsey said...

The digis are SO expensive! I like them though because they take out the guess work, I squint at HPTs enough, I can't take it with OPKs too!!

Also, I buy the really huge pack, I think its 20 or something (at walmart) so its way cheaper, I justify it by saying that if I get pregnant before I use them all I can do experiments with them with my pregnant pee!