Saturday, June 11, 2011

just rambling

Ok, its been a while. I have been husband-less for almost 3 weeks while hes off visiting his family in UK. I had totally planned on losing a  few kilos while he's away..but instead i have added a couple. I started off well..but the long cold winter evenings just cried out for chocolate and crisps...

We see the RE on thursday..i hope we can do the FET for July, but we will wait and see what he has to say.

We haven't told many people about doing IVF..just our parents and a handful of friends and i told my naturopath. I wanted to tell more people, but DH said not to so we don't have to keep telling people updates. Theres one girl at work who is here because of IVF and i had wanted to tell her, but i didn't. We decided it would be best to wait til we have good news before telling anyone else..

so imagine my surprise the other night when she asked me how the IVF was going!! I asked her how she knew and she said she couldn't remember and assumed i had told her and said shes known for ages...but then she bombarded me with questions about how it works shed known for ages, wouldn't she have asked this when i had supposedly told her??
I know i never told her, because i really wanted to but couldn't. Personally, i think the naturopath told her as they are friends..but she said oh noo..that would be a breach of confidentiality..but i still think it was her..i guess i'll never know..and i really don't mind that she knows..its just frustrating that someone blabbed..and if it was one of the other friends..then who can't be trusted. And are there others that know but aren't saying anything.

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