Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We have eggs!

Retrieval went ok..7 eggs..again. RE spoke to me before the retrieval and exclaimed how surprised he was to have the same number (he was going from the ultrasound I guess) after he doubled the dose.

 I hope they all fertilize, and we get frozens and a BFP... but if its the same as last time and we get just one emby to transfer and it ends with BFN, then Im kinda thinking of giving up on IVF..for a while anyway...and trying the naturopath who reckons she can clear my tubes..DH and I said we would try IVF 3 times..but if this doesn't work, then Im all for trying something else, getting my body in the best shape of its life, then  maybe after 6 months trying IVF one last time. It seems pretty clear to me theres got to be something else wrong with my reproduction system if a double dose of stimulation results in no change.

It sounds like im defeated already, but Im not..just thinking ahead.
 Im definately aprehensive about the fertilization report tommorow. fingers crossed for 7 out of 7..surely all the supplements have made some sort of change!!


LisaB said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for your 7 eggies!! Hopefully all with fertilize!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm crossing everything I have for 7 embies!!! Can't wait to hear the report!

Kim said...

I hope you dont need to try again and there's an golden egg or two in those seven! And maybe the qauntity of the eggs didnt change, but perhaps the quality did?! xoxoxoxox

Babette said...

7 is great Kez! remember that you were only on one form of stims! You got 7! Lucky number 7! I'm sure that your supplements helped with the quality of those 7. COme on 7 out of 7! Praying for lucky number 7!

I am OK said...

7 is a good number. Good Luck!