Saturday, May 21, 2011


Sorry Ive been missing. Computer isn't always cooperating, grrr.

AF arrived on Wednesday and the beta on Thursday was negative. I think having AF arrive first was good in that I wasn't devastated when my nurse told me. I think I knew it wasn't going to work from about 5 days after transfer..i just felt the embryo was gone. I hoped I was wrong.

So we will be having a frozen transfer next. I see RE mid June and assume the transfer will be July, but i have no idea. I plan to eat well and lose a bit more weight before then..but cookies taste soo yummy..i find it difficult to stick with my plans. DH leaves for 2 weeks in UK on Wednesday. I wasn't going because I should have been in early pregnancy, so I feel a bit put out that im not going now..I must be strong with myself and not eat chocolate and icecream for breakfast lunch and tea every day while he is gone.

so there you have pregnancy yet..will keep at it though..ive not lost all hope!


Babette said...

I'm sorry Kez about the bfn. I was really pulling for you to get that BFP. After getting my negative beta, I was so sure that you would get it this cycle. It is silly but I thought my loss would almost guarrantee you getting that bfp. you seem to be dealing with it well and you have to remember that you've got great sno-babies waiting for you. Let yourself have a little chocolate.

Lindsey said...

So sorry to hear this! I'm so glad you have some snow babies to work with though! Enjoy chocolate and wine and indulge in all the little things that you couldn't have otherwise.

Kim said...

Oh uhhhg Kez, I'm so sorry it wasn't this time, but I am so excited about the frozen embies. And in the interim, go ahead and indulge in something sweet, it helps ease the disappointment, xoxoxoxoxox