Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fert report

1..2..3.....3...yep..just three fertilized. THREE.... I know you only need one..but im really disappointed..all that hard work to end up with LESS fertilizing than round one. And being less than 4 fertilizing means a 3 day transfer. I guess thats so they don't have to stand by and have to tell you none made it to day 5..i am going to ask that 2 get transferred..if 2 live til friday..but our clinic is pretty adamant on only doing one.
 I will definately ask RE if there is any point in trying a third time...I guess this is what it feels like at the bottom swoop of that stupid rollercoaster. The nurse said that sometimes more fertilize after 24 hours, but its not common.
 All those supplements..what a waste of time and money..I just feel so useless, hopeless..what is the point of trying so hard. I have pretty much given up already. maybe tommorow will bring better news.


Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry that you feel like you've already given up. You're right, you only need one. Try to keep the hope!!

Kim said...

I know it's disappointing Kez, but like I said, it's quality over quantity and I hope tomorrow brings good news my friend. I would definitely push for two on the transfer, hopefully they can do it. Hang in there.

LisaB said...

(HUGS) I wish they would transfer 2! But one may be all you need. I'm sorry that the results aren't great, especially when you've been taking supplements and working hard on it. I know how that feels. I hope those 3 are excellent quality! Keeping my fingers crossed tight.

Babette said...

Hey lady!
Don't you give up! Remember to stay upbeat. Your lining is perfect this cycle. You' ve got a perfect home set up for those embies! I never had a lining that great. Get those good feelings going so those little ones have a happy place to settle into. I hope you can talk the Dr. into transferring more than one.

Lindsey said...

Sorry you're feeling so down. I know its rare for more to fertilize but I allready read a blog this week where that happened, so it really is possible! Try to keep the hope alive! I have everything crossed for you.