Thursday, May 5, 2011

embryo baking

well, we have one tiny bun in the oven..all ingredients are in now we just gotta wait and see what happens!

RE transferred one 8 cell embryo. He said all 3 are going so well they would likely all have got to blastocyst stage, but their policy is to do a 3 day transfer if there is less than 4 embies. OK..fair enough.
 I was talked out of doing 2 embryos. DH really wanted to have a couple on ice so we wouldn't have to go through all the injections and retreival again for a while. And of course the risks with twins etc. So we have one baking and the other 2 which were at 7 cells will be frozen this afternoon. The embryologist hoped they would be at 8 cell by the time they freeze them! we will have kids in the fridge!! it really takes the pressure off knowing they are there.

Id like to thank you all for keeping myspirits up the last few was rough going, but im happy and have a feeling this is going to work! If not this particular emby then surely one of the other 2!


Kim said...

Yay!!!!!! Now time to watch the water boil :) sitting right here with you, watching. Xoxoxo

LisaB said...

YAY! Congrats on being PUPO!!!

I am OK said...

Good Luck! You are so lucky to have a few on ice, I just heard from our Doc the other day that only 10% of IVFers have any to freeze. There must be a peace about it. Here's hoping that little bun bakes for 9 wonderful months. :)

Lindsey said...

Congrats, great news! Now just relax and let that little guy/girl snuggle in!

Babette said...

WHOHOO! Yeah Kez!
Sounds like high quality embies!
Now take it easy and listen to your meditations!