Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yesterday was busy..lol

AF arrived yesterday, so now Im on day 2 of my new cycle..I was supposed to star the pill day one..but I completely forgot..I was also supposed to call my nurse..forgot about that too..whoops..does this mean I have pre preggo brain??LOL

I got my blood test results yesterday and the report said normal for vitamin D, but reading the actual report, I am mildly deficient. My results are 40, but it says the minimum is 50 and ideal is greater than 75. I'm going to assume my specialist only read normal and didn't read the rest as Vit D is important for fertility. Luckily I was seeing my naturopath yesterday, so she has organised some high potency Vit D for me..the shop is out of it of course, but they should have it in stock Friday.

Also yesterday i got my letter saying Im due for a pap smear, so Ive booked that in for 3 weeks (oh boy..) so will get her to retest my Vit D and make sure its gone up.

Ok, thats about it..Id better go call my nurse!

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socialite_baby said...

That's why I always ask the number results for tests whether I understand it or not! I'm glad you guys found it, luckily it's pretty easy to bring it up! Good luck! :)