Thursday, May 24, 2012

New cycle!

I just had my RE consult..5 minutes on the phone and its going to cost me $80!!! cripes..grr.
anyway, there's good news and bad news..lets get the bad over of my tests came back negative..or positive..whichever way means I have the problem..I have factor 5 leiden which is a blood clotting issue. Its inherited and can cause miscarriages.
good news is that it can be treated during pregnancy, so we are back in with a chance. He said it wasn't definate that thats the problem, but its the only thing that showed up, so hes going to treat that.
So I'm cycling July as expected with EPU July 16th. He decided hes going to use ICSI and..wait for a double transfer!! He has been always against doing its interesting that hes changed his mind! I should get my period next week and start the pill then.

So I just messaged my accupuncturist to get some accu in before I cycle..hes away June 9 to 30th..I think hes been away at some point in each cycle ive ever

Having an actual date should help my resolve to drop a few kilos. 6 weeks to go, I should be able to lose at least 3kgs, hopefully 4, but i guess it will depend what the pill does to me..sometimes i bloat, sometimes i don't.

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socialite_baby said...

Sorry about the diagnosis, but I'm glad it seems to be easily treatable! Woohoo on the double transfer too! Good luck! :)