Tuesday, January 22, 2013

29 weeks!

wow, time sure flies. I abandoned my blog. Id like to say it was something simple like forgetting..but I think mostly its because I didn't want to jinx our pregnancy..yes I know..as if writing about it can jinx it..but its like knocking on wood..i do it..i know it does nothing..but i do it anyway..lol
 so we hit 29 weeks yesterday..that means 11 to go til due date..crazy. Last week we put  a cot, change table and swing on layby. Ive sucumbed to buying a few bits of adorable baby girl clothing that were on 50% off, though ive gone for 6 to 12 month sizes as we have a lot of newborn and newborn to 3 months thanks to generous friends! but other than that, we haven't done much at all. I guess we are still in denial.

Im feeling pretty good. Ive put on 5.5kgs (about 12 pounds), so im feeling happy with that. I feel a lot more movement the last week or so, but its still not as much as i expected. I'm pretty much over going to the loo every 5 minutes. She seems to always be sitting on my bladder. I have been known to try to physically pick her up off it..but she always goes back. i guess its nice to sit on. Other than that, i really have no complaints. I get the occasonal heartburn and aches and pains.

DH is going to South Africa in a few weeks as his brother is getting married..Im happy for him to go, but i do worry about getting stuck in bed or on the couch like an upsidedown turtle while he is gone. Im sure it will be fine..i could always go stay with my parents if i need to. I have no idea when im going to finish work..everyone keeps asking me..but right now i feel fine to keep working.

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