Saturday, August 4, 2012

A tale of peesticks

I started feeling queasy around 5 days past transfer (10dpo) also sore boobs, but put it down to progesterone. I started testing and had a faint faint line. didnt show DH as I knew he'd not see it. but figure it could still have been trigger.
tested day 11, very slightly darker, still almost impossible to see, showed DH and he could see it, but we thought its still possible to be trigger or just evap
day 12 about the same as 11, but did a second one in evening, was darker.
this went on, the morning the same as the night before, but then darker in evening until the day before beta day (15). I didn't test beta day (16) as I knew we would get a BFP. I got my blood taken at 10am and waited..and waited..
Finally at 3.30pm my nurse calls. Im so sorry, but your test is negative. I'm in disbelief. I tell her Ive been getting lines and she says, your test came back as 3, its definately negative. It sounds like the embryo tried to implant, but its failed. She tells me to make an apoointment with doctor to sort out using the frozen embryo.
Im in shock, 2 minutes later DH rings to see if shes called yet. I burst into tears on the phone and we are both in shock. He comes home early from work and we sit numbly looking at the pee sticks we have..I take another one and its about the same as the one we had the day before. I cried on and off all the rest of the day and night. I took the night off work as I knew i was just a mess.

 I prayed to god to take away the pain and the yearning to be parents as it was pretty clear we weren't destined to have babies. I dreamt I was sitting crying being held by Jesus (I am not a religeous person, i don't go to church etc) being told it will be ok.
The next day I felt good and I took another pee stick and it was darker!!! I sent the pic to my nurse and asked her what she thought and should I have another blood test. she wrote back that it was weird and it won't hurt to get another one done. She emailed me a pathology slip and i took it to get blood at 9.30am and waited..and waited. Here's a pic of the sticks

Finally at 4.15pm she calls. She sounds grim. She says your test results were dramatically different to wednesdays. Then she tells me shes getting the lab to run wednesdays again and compare them and see if they can see whats happened. I just butt in with what was my is 547!! I definately am pregnant. She is so appalled at how wrong they got it and says shes so glad I kept testing. So im 4 and a bit weeks, super early and anything can happen, but for now I am pregnant!
My nurse said she will tell me what happened when she finds out. But I have no idea if I get another blood test or what happens next, I'm assuming she will tell me on Monday.


Kim said...

I hate that you had to go through that emotionally, but so happy it turned out the way it did :) love the dream. So did they ever figure out why the discrepancy between the two betas?

Toni Rapp said...

Hope your pregnancy is progressing. Haven't heard from you in few months

Kez71 said...

No Kim, I never did get an answer what happened. I guess someone stuffed up!
hey Toni, thanks for asking. all is good. I just updated!