Monday, September 26, 2011

Not pregnant anymore

The scan showed no baby, not even a sack. Just blood left. I'm sad, but i'm not as sad as i thought I would be. I think I must have known subconciously this would happen. I never really believed it could be true, not even when I saw the heartbeat at 6 never seemed real. Things like babies happen for other people, never for me.

We still have one embryo on ice..we will try it out in Feb.


Babette said...

It just pains my heart to read this. You know I am sending hugs and prayers your way.It's sad that we feel this way at times. What can we do to strenghthen our faith to believe that good things can happen for us? It can be such a vicious cycle with the TTC.I feel just as you, when will it be our time? Sending you hugs sis.

Kez71 said...

babs..thanks and i hate how we have to go through this garbage..its like we are being no no yes..actually no no noooo yes..nahh just no starting to wonder if having our wonderful husbands is as good as it gets.

Englishgrad said...

Oh Kez this just broke my heart to see. I am so so sorry and you are in my thoughts. I do believe that beautiful things are in store for you *hugs*