Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beta results

Sorry it took so computer was telling it was connected to the internet, but i couldn't open anything. I spent an hour on the phone to a technician and he couldn't figure it out..then last night i let the computer do diagnostics and it couldn't find anything wrong, so i hunted all over the place and finally found a system recovery for july 30th and did works again..i guess it didn't like something that updated itself..aanywho beta results..thats why youre here!

The beta was 110 and progesterone was 36..which my nurse says are both good numbers. I have the second beta next friday and if thats fine then an ultrasound at 6.5 weeks and if thats all fine..i have to find an obstetrician!! a pregnant lady! it seems so unreal. most of the time i feel completely normal and pretty much forget about it. I really only have mild cramps, mild bloating, mild nausea and mildly sore boobs..i know it can take a while for the hormone levels to get up to really feel just happy i get the occasional reminders! My work pants already feel tight, which im sure is the im going to have to make some button

we decided not to tell anyone until after the second beta..but of course ive already told my mum..she could do with some good news as her cold has turned into pneumonia. eeek. She sounds pretty good on the phone now, but won't let me come and see her just incase i get it! Luckily my mother is not the type to sit around and allow herself to get totally run down ..she started getting the cold on saturday and went to the hospital on monday as she couldn't breath well and couldn't get in to see a doctor, so she got diagnosed super quick and should be fine quickly. She is supposed to be flying to a conference next week..i hope she is well enough to go!


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Enjoy every every every every part of it. Congrats!