Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday I went to the natropath as i have developed an itchy rash on my back. My GP saw it and just said to use the same cream i use for dermatitus, but noted its a class B drug and isn't to be used during pregnancy. So I thought i should see if I can find the cause of it and illiminate it rather than just cover the symptoms.
 The natropath was recommended by a work friend who has celiacs and says she has been helping a lot. Also her fiance works in the same building as the natropath and he says she knows her stuff as well.

She was nice and all, but she didn't even look at the rash. When i told her, she just laughed and said yes she "knows" its a toxic overload and i need to do a detox, which is fine as Id been thinking of doing one. She also tested me for intolerances to bread, sugar and dairy. She says i have intolerance to dairy, though im not convinced as she used the kinseology method where you hold your arm out and she puts the item in your other arm..And i didn't feel much difference to be honest. I told her, but she insists theres weakness there..she also said i had a problem with bread. again i said i didn't see a difference, so she did it again and agreed with me that i was fine...hmmmmm. But that was it..I thought there would be a few more things than just 3 tested!

Then she got mad at me that im only giving her 6 weeks til IVF and says she really needs 4 months to get me into tip top condition...but i feel i am almost in tip top condition. She also said she can clear my fallopian tubes and wouldn't i prefer a natural conception...without even knowing what is blocking them!!!!! She did not inquire as to my diet or exercise or anything about my lifestyle etc.

I think she does know her stuff and probably is excellent at what she does, but i think she's gotten lazy and pretty much prescribes the same stuff to everyone as im sure 90% of people have the same issues!

I will go back and see her as I paid for a hair mineral analysis and I am going to do the detox and take the minerals she prescribed until IVF starts..but i reserve my judgement about buying anything more until i see results.

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Lindsey said...

This cracks me up because the exact same thing happened to me a while back. They all just put you on a crazy anti-inflammatory diet and make you take some probiotics. For the record though, the diet has made a HUGE change in my life and I'm so glad I did it. But I'm not sure I can give her credit for it since I was allready planning to start... Anyway, I think its hilarious that the doc thinks they'll naturally clear your tubes. Magic!