Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gonna be a Great Aunt before being a mum!

 Hubby's niece just told me shes pregnant. Im thrilled for her as she has been told shes infertile. Shes had a rough few years being involved with a no hoper druggie, getting arrested because of him and just drifting nowhere. But now shes found herself a new lad. I don't know if they are together in relationship sense, but shes happy and he's involved. Can't ask for much more than that. She confided in us a couple of years back that she'd been pregnant as a teen but was soo sick the doctor advised an abortion, which shed never been happy about. Then she was told she wouldn't be able to have more. So its very exciting she can!
She only found out on Tuesday and im one of the few people shes told, which feels like an honour. I'm also thrilled that I'm happy for her. You hear so often infertiles being so jealous of pregnancies that they cannot be happy about it, but I truely am. Of course im gutted im not pregnant as well, but im not feeling awful!!

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Babette said...

I am great aunt to 9 already. Because most of them came before I was TTC.(my niece is only 6 years younger than I am) It wasn't so bad, just a crazy situation. But after reading your blog today, I just realized that the oldest great nephew is almost 17. Okay, if he knocks someone up before I have a little one...then I think I will finally go completely bonkers!