Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beta #2- 22DPO

My nurse didn't tell me exact, she said Its Just over 2500..that works out good for the doubling time. I used one of those doubling time calculators and it said about 38 hours.

Thats it for my nurse..she said I will have to book in a scan and then get the results for my seems a bit sad that they don't get to go the whole journey with you. I know their job is to get you pregnant, but I guess over the whole IVF journey your nurse is there, then once you acheive pregnancy, they drop away and move on to their next patients. It must make them sad too, especially when they see someone for over a year..well I will be sending her my scans etc..I don't know if they want them, but my congratulations letter said they are required to find out results i figure I'll send them in.

Ive been feeling a bit horrible on and off the last couple of days..part of me is YAY..but the rest of me is..ugh..if its like this already..whats it going to be like in a few Ive been making myself go to the gym..I modify what I do..and skip a lot of the machines..but i know if i don't go, then i'll spend the next 8 months on the couch becoming potato like in every way!

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Noelle said...

I wanted to say that misspelled words wasn't my problem. :) although if you are new to my blog it would seem that way! I threw a plate because my six month old daughter has had three open heart surgeries so far and because life has been extremely hard for her. Thanks for stopping by my blog!